Highly efficient solar water pumps are among the products with the greatest potential impact on the lives of millions of people.

Why? Because solar water pumps – like the sunlight pump – deliver modern irrigation and drinking water services to off-grid populations without polluting the environment.

Here are some interesting figures;

  • 40% of the global population relies on agriculture as its main source of income.
  • 10% increase in agricultural productivity for smallholder farmers in Africa leads to a 7% reduction in poverty.
  • Irrigation is a critical tool to increase yields. Larger areas need to be put under irrigation to meet the needs of a growing population.

A recent study from India also reports that 45% of farmers using solar pumps saw an increase of 50% or more in their annual incomes compared to rain-fed irrigation.

There are numerous economic feasibility studies on solar pumps. Assessing the economic viability of a solar pumping system is a complex undertaking and the Food and Agriculture Organisation recommends case by case studies. Ennos has developed the sunlight pump configuration tool to exactly do that.

The benefits of the sunlight pump are obvious!

In the video above, Kenyan farmer, Patrick Mukuna, excitingly shares how his life has been impacted with the sunlight pump. For smallholder farmers like him, the sunlight pump has many benefits. Some of these are improvement of yield through better irrigation, reduction in vulnerability to changing rainfall patterns and increase in multiple cropping practices.

The results are improved livelihoods and food security at zero emissions!